Temples and Shrines in Japan

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Journal Entry: 5/28/2009

Woke up and went to Kiyomizo Temple. It is an independent Buddhist temple in Kyoto. The Otowa waterfall has three channels of water streaming where visitors can drink from. The first is intelligence, the seconds is love, and the third is immortality. I drank for love.

Next we went to the Higashi Honganju temple. It is the head temple in Kyoto. It is the Eastern Temple of the Original Vow: one of the two dominant subsects of Shin Buddhism in Japan and abroad. The other is Uishi or the Western temple.

Following we went to the Heian Jingu Shrine in Kyoto. The torri at the entrance before the main gate is one of the largest. The main building is designed to imitate the Kyoto Imperial Palace on a three-fourth scale.

Stopped for lunch. Of course.

The never ending staircase to the Happy Terrace.

We then traveled by bus to Nara to visit the Todai-ji Temple. This is a Buddhist temple that houses the world’s largest Buddha. It is also headquarters of the Kegan school of Buddhism.. As we exited the temple we walked through a deer park where hundreds of deer roam freely. I bought some biscuits and one deer followed me for about two minutes pushing me in the back with his antlers and biting my shirt. Jerk.

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