Korean Folk Village, or “Old World Korea”

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Journal Entry: 6/8/09

Went to Gyeonggi University and got a small tour of the campus and also sat in on a class. The University has two campuses, one in Suwon and the other in Seoul. Courses are mainly taught in Korean but in the international college English is mainly used.

Some students took us out for lunch before we headed to the Folk Village.

The Korean Folk Village in Suwon reminds me of Old World Wisconsin. It is a mini-theme park dedicated to the traditional agriculture, buildings, village life, arts and crafts, and medicine.

We got to watch the Farmer’s music and dance, acrobats on horses, and a traditional wedding.

In 2009 I traveled to South Korea to study abroad. I kept a diary of each day of my visit. When I returned to the United States, I created these digitized posts of my entries and the images that I took on each corresponding day. You can find all the South Korea journal entries here.

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