Katie Kinsley Photography

i’m Katie. the lady behind the lens. i consider myself to be playful, quirky and down to earth. i believe that life is fun and everyone should be well-traveled. i’m an art loving, coffee addicted, and over-ambitious cat lady (and a dog owns me as well).

my favorite things include:

traveling. i take a few trips per year + love to travel and work in different places. the world is full of amazing people, places, & cultures. it is a joy to see.
food. i love to cook (and take photos of my food). my favorite foods are pasta and tacos. i love finding new restaurants.
the arts. i take photos, i paint, and i write (a bit). my home is filled with art.

mo·ment ˈmōmənt/ (noun) . a very brief period of time

our lives are composed of moments. there’s so much beauty to be seen in the world but it disappears so quickly. this is true of the seasons, the sunrise, and so many beautiful times in our lives.

this is why i love what i do. even if it’s a little chaotic, even if your little won’t smile…you want to remember these moments. once they’re gone. they’re gone. i have so many images to look back on from when i was a kid. memories i cannot remember and cannot forget.