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Journal Entry: 6/3/09

Took a bus to Jeonju today and had a tour of Jeonbuk University. We also sat in on a class where students presented for us; only it was all in Korean.

We met the Director of the Information Science Department: Hye Young; she was adorable. Hye Young offered us and several of her students to come over to her country home. We had a huge “festival” barbecue in her backyard. I got to try several Korean wines; which were delicious.

Hye Young and her husband were very kind to us. They had bought new bed mats for us to sleep on and new pillows for everyone too. They had bought us lunch and dinner!

Their house was gorgeous and they are almost complete in building. Their garden is huge in their backyard and their front yard is landscaped wonderfully.

Ben prepping the grill to cook the sausages.

Me and some other girls cleaning the veggies.

Lighting the barbecue pit.

The festival!

In 2009 I traveled to South Korea to study abroad. I kept a diary of each day of my visit. When I returned to the United States, I created these digitized posts of my entries and the images that I took on each corresponding day. You can find all the South Korea journal entries here.

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