Happy Halloween

Halloween This Year

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We made it! Halloween 2021. I am so excited for Halloween this year.

I loved dressing up for Halloween – long into the high school phase when it wasn’t cool to go trick or treating – and then on into my college years where we showed up to house parties. Those were the nights where strangers drank too much and got a little rowdy, but it was still fund to dress up. Even after college, there were many years of dressing up with smaller groups of friends.

Katie Kinsley Halloween 2021 Katie Kinsley Halloween2021

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Since living in Texas, there hasn’t been an apartment we’ve had trick or treaters, so the holiday kind of disappeared outside of office-related antics. This is the first year I am in my own home and the first time I get to pass out candy to trick-or-treaters. We bought the candy early to avoid the empty shelves the weekend-of. Our neighborhood’s Facebook group has already confirmed that there are several houses that can’t wait to pass out candy!

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