Getting Over the Fear of Promoting Your Blog on Social Media

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Getting Over Fear of Blogging

What if I fail?

I’ve always wanted to have a blog. I’ve had one for the longest time. I have never been good about posting regular. The oldest posts on this website date back to 2009. I could never niche down because I’m interested in so many things, but I have tried to write about finances when I was in college, but I ended up deleting it all. I have tried to write about fashion but I deleted that all, too. So much of my thoughts and ideas were erased. All that time and effort disappeared and I can’t get that back.

I didn’t even give myself the chance to fail and I accepted what I had already accomplished as a failure. I used to never talk about my blog with anyone and it felt weird to be known as that girl with the blog. But I like to think of this website as an online diary. I can look through over a decade of my life in various posts. I can talk about what I’m doing and how I feel at different stages.

What I now realize is that this is my space. It’s full of amazing content and experiences! I had to tell myself that I am allowed to change my mind. If my biggest fear is worrying what other people might think of me then that will be my biggest torment. It will be the roadblock to keep me from writing and sharing.

We are allowed to change our minds as we grow and change. It’s a part of life. I need to recognize that I’m not a failure. I’ve experienced growth. And I may not have been making great content, but I didn’t need to delete it all. Growth and comfort do not coexist.

Why You Should Get Over Your Fear of Blogging

My blog brings me joy! I try to recognize that not everyone will like my content. And my content should not be for everyone. As long as my content is serving me and my audience, then that is what is important.

I am creating content that I feel compelled to share. That makes it so much easier to post about it on social media!

What have you done to get over the fears that hold you back?

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