Dinner with the Dongju President

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Journal Entry: 6/4/09

We had breakfast on the patio and then headed back to the University. We went with the students to Jeonju Hanji Museum. It was on the history of paper throughout the ages. There was also this funny hologram video about how paper is made; or how a paper nymph persuades trees to die.

We all went for lunch and this was one of the few times that we each had out own dish to eat out of. After lunch they dropped us off at the bus station so we could head back to Busan.

When we got back, Dr. Kim picked us up. Apparently Dr. Kim isn’t really a Dr. but it would be rude to start calling him Mr. at this point.

We had an hour to ourselves to cleanup for dinner with the President of Dongju. We dressed up and went to the dining room only to meet the group of students that are coming to UWM.

After dinner Bomin took us to the Piff area to shop for shoes and I found two pairs. Then we went to meet the others at a karoke bar. We got to try soju-which is what they drinks shots of when they party. Its 40 proof alcohol for 1,000 won. All the students treated us to food and drinks.

In 2009 I traveled to South Korea to study abroad. I kept a diary of each day of my visit. When I returned to the United States, I created these digitized posts of my entries and the images that I took on each corresponding day. You can find all the South Korea journal entries here.

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