Baked Cashew Chicken

This Baked Cashew Chicken dish is a tasty, quick meal that only takes thirty minutes to bake. Which means it’s the perfect dinner for your busy weeknight. The prep only takes a maximum of ten minutes, so this dish is really easy.

Keto-Friendly Tip: As you know, the cashews do contain the carbs that you don’t want on your keto diet. Just be sure to cut the amount of cashews you use or nix them altogether. If you keep a little in the dish, remember that they’re full of the good fats! Oh, and make sure you’re buying the gluten-free soy sauce.

My favorite part of this meal is that the sauce ends up soaking into the cauliflower rice. You’ll want to make sure that each bite of chicken also contains a spoonful of the sauce-loaded cauliflower. It’s delicious!

Have you tried this Baked Cashew Chicken recipe? Let me know how it turned out in the comments below!

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