Hi. I’m Katie.

I’m the blogger and business strategist behind KatieKinsley.com. I’m a 30-something year old young professional, food lover, fashion fanatic, and quite obsessive about digital marketing. This website is about persuasive and meaningful content to help new learners achieve their digital marketing goals.
This website represents me, Katie Kinsley, and is created to influence young women like myself to feel confident with their own digital marketing skills (which encompasses more than just blogging) while giving them ideas and tips.
Main topics: Blogging & Cooking

I also love talking about Organization and Productivity, Beauty & Skincare, Style and Travel

“Everything is complicated if no one explains it to you.“

Originally from Wisconsin, I moved to the Dallas-Ft. Worth area of Texas in May 2016 following husband on his career journey. The first job I landed after the move was working for a private high school in Dallas. From there, I honed my skills managing the organization’s communication schedule via email marketing social media strategy and brand management.

After realizing that I liked working with beginners, I set out on creating this accumulation of helpful ideas and tips to get a beginner started in the digital space.

If you would like help on your digital journey, please take a look at my articles or contact me!

My passion for food and cooking came somewhere between living at home with my parents during college and moving in with my husband in Texas. With my parents, I would try out different diets (vegan, gluten-free) to expand my knowledge of how to cook different than I was raised. With my husband, I like to try out different recipes to keep the weekly meals engaging, but on a healthier side. Visit the recipes archives page.

My passion for photography has always spawned from my travels. My mother took me to visit my sister in Switzerland in 2005, where we also got to visit Paris – a dream come true for my high school Francophile-self. From then on, my love of travel has grown and photography skills have grown. Visit Katie Kinsley Photography.