5 Ways to Display Your Disney Pin Collection

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Cork Board Disney Pins

Zack and I ended up with our own collection of pins on our trip to Walt Disney World. We had no intention of picking up so many pins, but we began collecting on our second day. I think we have about twenty pins so far. I even went as far as ordering a couple on eBay that we wanted to purchase, but didn’t have time to on our last day.

Now the problem is what do we do with all our pins? I completed a quick search and found these super simple, easy ways to display your collection!

5 Ways to Display Your Disney Pin Collection

Lanyard Disney Pins
1. Lanyard
The most popular way to display Disney pins is on a lanyard, which is useful if you are visiting the parks. Lanyards make it easy for other people to see your pins as well as for you to trade with the cast members.

Shadowbox Disney Pins
2. Shadowbox
A shadowbox is a great way to display any type of memorabilia. Unique display case helps you arrange your lapel pin collection in an orderly manner and keep them securely fastened using your pin backs exactly where you want them!

Display Board Disney Pins
3. Display Board
Simply press your pins directly into the display and they will stay in place, no pin backs needed. The pins can be rearranged without leaving a mark on the displays surface and without causing damage to your pin.

Wall Hanging Banner Disney Pins
4. Wall Hanging Banner
This blank canvas banner is the perfect display for enamel pins, badges or patches. All the edges of this canvas banner and serged and hemmed, so there will be no fraying or unraveling of the canvas fabric.

Cork Board Disney Pins
5. Cork Board
The board is 12″x12″ and seated in a stained pine frame. The characters are laser engraved onto the cork board for a lasting impression. Each board comes with the hanging hardware already attached. The cork board is 1/2″ thick so your pins will fit perfectly.

I decided to create Floating Frame Disney Pin Collection Display Board.

Are you a Disney pin collector?

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