2013: A Summary

Schönbrunn Palace

I’d like to say that I did a lot over the 2013 year, which is really true. I ended up reading 105 books this year which was 5 over my goal. 2014’s reading goal is to get through the Game of Thrones series – which are terrible long.  Like terribly, terribly long. I did a lot of traveling! I only have one trip planned so far for 2014, but I think weekend trips will be the ones to look forward to.

January – I went skiing in Colorado with some family. I also started an internship at Johnson Controls.
February – I had to take my MLIS proficiency exams in order to graduate. Those were a rough two weeks to complete that.
March – I gave up Alcohol for Lent which was very difficult!
April – My sister and I went to see An Evening with the Cast of “Sons of Anarchy” at the Riverside Theatre as a last minute event.
May – I went to Grand Cayman with my sister for some R&R. Then there was the almighty graduation with my Master’s degree.
June – I went to my old roommate’s wedding.
July – I had one more wedding on the 5th of July. I visited the Taliesin Preservation in Spring Green, Wisconsin. I also went on the New Glarus brewery tour.
August – I ran in the Electric Run with my friends which is by far one of the coolest 5K’s there is.
September – I had a few dates with guys that I’d never see again.
October – I started an amazing journey in Vienna, Austria. Then I learned a lot at the Concentration Camps in Poland. I had a little too much to drink in Budapest, Hungary and stopped only for lunch in Slovakia. Halloween was spent in my ancestor’s country of Slovenia.
November – I spent a day in Venice and even less than a day in Rome. There were two nights in Munich and Berlin to end the trip before flying home. I also got bangs which is more of a life event that I’ll ever realize.
December – Had an awesome Christmas with my family and a lovely New Years with friends at the Iron Horse Hotel.

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